Friday, April 23, 2010

It's time to cement our solidarity

It's time to cement our solidarity with the people of Gaza!

 While conditions in Gaza have been steadily worsening (severe electricity cuts, lack of potable water, etc.), Palestinians have been bravely protesting the Israeli siege. Almost every day now there are marches to the border in protest of the Israeli declared buffer zones. Click here for some recent videos and the most recent reports. The IDF has been responding with live ammunition fire and a number of people have been wounded already.  

There is a ray of light, however. The Free Gaza Movement has purchased two passenger boats and has raised the money for a cargo ship.  Ireland, Sweden, Greece, and Turkey are working in coalition with Free Gaza to join the flotilla with boats of their own. People in Gaza, according to our own Max Ajl who is there right now, are preparing a welcome such has never been seen for the flotilla which should arrive sometime in May. 

We can demonstrate our solidarity by supporting Free Gaza's efforts to break the siege.  The Free Gaza Movement is calling on communities, schools, hospitals, trade unions and families around the world to sponsor bags of cement and school supplies to send to Gaza.  

They will be loaded onto Free Gaza's Irish cargo ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, as part of the international flotilla of ships sailing to Gaza in May. To donate, visit Free Gaza's "Cementing our Solidarity" page and add your bags of cement on the right-hand side, then click "Donate NOW!". Each bag of cement, bought in Ireland, costs about $6.50 and Free Gaza has found a cement company in Ireland that will match your contribution bag for bag!

We can further cement our solidarity by making our support for the buffer zone protests and the Free Gaza flotilla a theme for  Nakba Day (May 15) demonstrations world wide.  As the Palestinians of Gaza march to protest the buffer zones and welcome the Free Gaza flotilla, we can hold twin demonstrations of support in our home towns. Take photos of your actions and we will offer a prize (a $100 donation to Free Gaza in your name) for the best Nakba Day photos featuring support for the buffer zone demonstrations or Free Gaza. Go ahead -- let your creativity loose and tell the world about the flotillas aiming to break the siege.  Let us know your plans and please forward this call to action on to others.  

In solidarity for peace and justice,
Gaza Freedom March


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