Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Highway bigotry and hate: just experienced by Linda Laurie and Nic

Linda just called me on her cell (I am paraphrasing but this is what I heard):

Linda, Laurie, Nic and Tarak are on their way to DC; they were exiting the rest shops area with their GREED KILLS; WE WILL NOT BE SILENT and GAZA FREEDOM MARCH shirts.
two enraged men stopped them and engaged in a tirade that essentially boiled down to these two men angrily exposing their "philosophy" in response to the shirts! Their philosophy boiled down to:
> Capitalism is good: I employe 30 people and I pay them and I really don't care about them: I don'even know their names: I am the greediest SOB living...

> Who the hell cares about Palestinians; they can all rot for all I care; I would step on all their heads; if you love them so much; take them home!

> You(to Laurie) are a self-hating Jew! (They said they were Palestinian Jews)

This dear friends is what we are up against!

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