Thursday, December 24, 2009

Permission withdrawn for entering Gaza

"At 8:30pm tonight, December 24, 2009, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said on Egyptian TV Channel 2, that neither the Gaza Freedom March nor persons accompanying the Viva Palestina convoy would be allowed to enter Gaza. The Foreign Minister’s comments confirmed statements made to Ann Wright and Tighe Barry of the Gaza Freedom March steering committee during their meeting this afternoon with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of the Office of Palestinian Affairs Hisham Seif-Eldin and officer Ahmed Azzam..."

I think everyone is committed to going, hoping that this news will be reversed again. Thanks to all who called or e-mailed your support. The Egyptian embassies and consulates were contacted by thousands, both here and in Europe.

On to Cairo!


  1. Fred, Our thoughts, energy, prayers and hopes are with all of you.
    Wanted to let you know that the reporter from PJ did call to interview me. I think it went fine. She said the article will be in the Monday edition. I will locate it and forward it around as much as possible.
    Peace and Love,
    Linda C.