Monday, December 28, 2009

Dog tired and still in Cairo

We have arrived to a total clampdown on all travel out of Cairo towards Gaza. Lots of police, and intimidating tactics. They do not want us to demonstrate. But Code Pink will not be stopped and we have had two rallies. The one last night just grew and grew, with people from all over the world joining in. They stop every plan that is made, but we have learned to improvise. We were supposed to take boats on the Nile for a vigil, but the police stopped all boats. But the demonstration was one of the most moving I have been in for some time. People from around the world, different languages, all saying the same thing; break the siege of Gaza.

The French are not camped outside their embassy with thousands of troops surrounding them. We bought coffee and food and handed it to the people encamped there, about 250. Really and wonderful action. I doubt that it has been reported in the US.

Anyway, we are looking around for a place to put up our banner.

Free Gaza!


  1. keep reporting Fred, is the only way to know. Your doubt are rigth we dont have news from the March at all

    Take care

  2. Woodstock supports the Gaza Freedom March

    Read about Fred

    Nic and Helaine with Walden Bello


  3. We know you are dog tired - and we sure appreciate the reporting! We are not getting this in the US media (surprise).