Thursday, December 31, 2009

Denied Access to Gaza Activists Demonstrate in Cairo

Several hundred members of the Gaza Freedom March, including six members of the Hudson to Gaza delegation, were caught up in  a police action as they attempted to march peacefully  in front of the Egyptian Museum Thursday at 10 am amid heavy morning traffic. They were met by overwhelming numbers of riot police who pushed and grabbed them forcing them into a cordoned off area. Some support members were forced inside the area but succeeded in leaving. Others filmed and photographed the march, which got violent. As of 3 pm Diane, Sarah, and Laurie were still being detained but were safe and in good spirits as the protest continued with banners and signs waving. Cheryl was assisted in getting out by a Palestinian woman. The three hotels that served as meeting places for the GFM were blocked by police early in the morning to prevent guests registered there to attend the  march and police in uniform and plainclothes were everywhere. Several marchers, not members of Hudson to Gaza, suffered injuries like broken ribs and arms. As of this time, at least one hotel remains blockaded and Gaza Freedom Marchers are still at the museum.

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