Thursday, January 7, 2010

Statement and story of the French Embassy Encampment

Underneath is the story of our experience with the Gaza Freedom march, which is not over, but on the contrary will go on and widen in France and elsewhere. The main sanction against Israel will remain the boycott, just as it was done against th South African regime of apartheid. Boycott in all its forms must be maintained as long as Israel will boycott Palestinians. It must be proclaimed proudly Because it is the weapon of all those who refuse cruel treatments, concentration camps, ghettos where men, women and children are imprisoned to be bombed, starved and humiliated...

We return to this adventure more determined than ever to lead the fight against the inhumanity of the siege of Gaza, imprisonment and deprivation of all the Palestinian people by Israeli occupation. Crimes against humanity may be committed with the consent of our leaders, including the Egyptian government that shows its true face collaboration by building a wall to strangle and starve even more the people of Gaza.

Very strong links were forged between the representatives of all countries during this "Walk for Gaza" stopped in Cairo. Take the opportunity to make 2010 the year that brings us together, to shake all these tyrants!

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