Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter to Kingston Freeman

This letter is to wish the 6 local citizens who join 1400 others in a visit to the Gaza Strip during its current travail which is reducing its inhabitants to convenient war numbers. .  May these dedicated neighbors of ours get there,  be safe from the ravages of hatred and its attendant bullets.

There have always been members of our sorry species, in the darkest of times,  who felt kinship with others and who honored the best in humanity. People like Ms. Rachel Corie run over by an Israeli tractor as she protested the home demolishment of Palestinians,  people like Sophie Scholl and her brother who were guilotined by the Nazis for disseminating information about the proposed destruction of the Jews.

May our devoted friends achieve something in regard to the concealed horrors and cruelty, the starvation and suffering of Gaza's people..

In solidarity,
Roberta Gould

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